Himalayan Hiking Routes


More than 600 hiking routes spanning 12 thousand kilometers across the Western Himalayas have been explored, GPS recorded and accurately mapped in Open Street Maps. Find an overview on each Himalayan Region, its geography, high ranges and main rivers and hiking route network with detailed blogs, route descriptions, elevation profile, photos and videos for many of these routes


12 Long Traverses in the Sahyadri – Mahabaleshwar to Nasik

4 thoughts on “Himalayan Hiking Routes”

  1. Thank you very much for posting this set of material. I plan to visit the Zanskar region this summer. And find this detailed information to be very helpful for understanding current trek options. One question, using the Waymarked Trails: Hiking page, when I do a download of the GPX or KML data for a route, it does not download the altitude information, just the X/Y coordinates. I’ve tried this on two different routes and using two different tools to import the downloaded data but no success. A friend with extensive knowledge on map tools has also confirmed the same issue.

    1. Artur, you can add elevation data through gpsvisualizer.com (generate profiles, download NASA SRTM). You can also simply view the hiking routes on mobile (e.g. OSMAnd app), route / navigate and generate an elevation profile / total ascent / descent.

      Do get in touch with me through Whatsapp if you want my guidance on planning a beautiful traverse through Zanskar. I have explored the same extensively.

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