Trans Sahyadri 2019

Trans Sahyadri 2019

A two months journey climbing 200 historical forts across the Sahyadri mountain range in Maharastra, India in the footsteps of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj covering 2000km between Nasik, Mumbai, Pune and Satara

The Outdoor Journal The Secret Sahyadri

The Outdoor Journal: Peter Van Geit sets out on an alpine style “ultra-journey” through Maharashtra, India to climb 200 historical, yet largely unknown forts to everyday travelers.

Explorers Web 200 forts in two months

The 3,000km Trans-Himalayan that ultra-runner Peter Van Geit completed last summer was not enough for him. To finish 2019, he decided on an imaginative challenge that only someone very familiar with India would think of: climb 200 Shivaji forts along the length of the Western Ghats


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Trans Sahyadri Webinar

Trans Sahyadri Talk at Nasik

Planned Forts & Routes

Route across 9 regions and 4 trans routes covering 200+ fortsRead More


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