Trans Himachal 2018

Trans Himachal 2018

A 75 days ultra hiking journey during mid July to end Sep 2018 across 40 high altitude passes in Spiti, Zanskar, Pangi, Chamba, Kinnaur, Shimla and Kangra districts of Himachal Pradesh and J&K.

Shortfilm – Running the High Himalayas


Short summary on my 75 days alpine style journey across 40 passes over 1500km throughout Himachal and ZanksarLearn More


The Journey

A recount of the 1500km alpine style journey across 40 high altitude passes through Himachal and Zanskar

Shortfilm – On a Himalayan High

Pass Summary


Hiking Route

Overview maps detailing the 40+ sections traversed through the 2.5 months journey



Interview by Tarun Goel on my alpine-style trans Himalayan ultra journey.

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Interview: March through the mountains: Peter Van Geit’s solo journey through 40 Himalayan passes on foot



Presentation Trans Himachal

Outdoor Journal

Field Notes: Solo Ultra-Running the High Himalaya. Peter Van Geit, wilderness explorer, ultra-runner, Founder of the Chennai Trekking Club, shares the field notes from his 1500 km alpine-style run across 40 high altitude passes the Himalay


The Himalayan Club

THC Sep 2019 newsletter. In July 2018 Peter Van Geit undertook a 1500 km 75 day journey across 40 high altitude passes in Himachal Pradesh. He ran Alpine style, self-navigated and with minimal gearRead More


Indian Mountaineering Foundation

IMF June 2019 Newsletter. Peter Van Geit gives a fascinating photo-illustrative account of his explorations in the remote regions of Himachal Pradesh. He trekked across 40 high altitude Passes.


Coffee Table Book

Tribal Landscapes in Himachal Pradesh. A photo journey through the thorn boots of Peter Van Geit and other photographers by Dr Chander


Planned Passes

Planning Map

The Journey – 40 Traverses