Himalayan Traverse Planning

Based on my extensive exploration experience of the Western Indian Himalayas I guide fellow International alpine style hikers in planning and executing their Himalayan traverses as per the seasons, identifying a realistic schedule, advising on suitable gears, planning night halts, food supply points and dynamically rerouting as per inclement weather. Some hikers follow Open Street Maps mapped routes, more adventurous ones can explore still unmapped trails via legacy Survey of India maps and digitally map these into OSM for the benefit of the alpine community. We discuss elaborately in advance to plan the route, strategy and challenges and stay in touch during the actual traverse rerouting if necessary as per actual weather (snow) conditions. Support my efforts on mapping the Himalayas and guiding Himalayan explorers through Patreon.

Trans Uttarakhand, June 2024

Peter Jost (Australia) 63 years young, one of my Patrons, is planning a one month mid-range traverse in June through Uttarakhand (East to West) across 15 valleys and mountain passes through 6 districts including some higher altitude North side diversions. He ll be following mostly OSM mapped routes as well as explore some new trails via Survey maps. Blog post

Kashmir to Annapurna, Aug-Oct 2024

Jeremy Bige French mountain guide and ski instructor plans to do a 3000km traverse from Srinagar in Kashmir to Annapurna in Nepal in Summer-Autumn 2024. In 2018 he crossed Nepal following the low GHT trail, in 2021 he walked 1500 km across the Balkans ranges and in 2022 I made a big traverse of 2000 km through Tadjikistan and Kirghizstan. Blog post

Ladakh to EBC, Oct-Jan 2023

 Laurent Berthod (Canada) one of my Patreons hiked 95 days from Oct 2023 to Jan 2024 covering 2600km across 75 mountain passes from Leh Ladakh to Everest base camp in Nepal. Starting from the alpine desert of Ladakh he crossed the states of Himachal, Uttarakhand (India) and Sudurpachchim, Karnali, Lumbini, Gandaki, Bagmati and Koshi provinces (Nepal) hopping 107 major river valleys. He climbed a total of 115 thousand meters of elevation gain (13 times height of Mt. Everest). Blog post

HP-Spiti-Ladakh, Aug 2023

Gentaro Tsuzuki (Japan) one of my Patrons completed at 410 km summer traverse from Ladakh to Spiti to Parvathi across across 8 high passes with a total elevation gain of 15 thousand meters through the Markha, Kurna, Toze Chu, Phrise Phu, Tso Moriri, Pare Chu, Spiti, Pin and Parvathi valleys. He did it solo, alpine style, lightweight and food supply on the way.

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Ladakh, Jul-Aug 2023

Peter Jost (Australia) 63 years young, one of my Patrons completed a two month 470km long traverse with 24 thousand meters of elevation gain across 27 high passes connecting 5 beautiful traverses in Ladakh and Zanskar. A circuit around the Spangting Range, loop around Stok Kangri Range, Markha to Pang, Tsarap Chu valley traverse and Shade to Zangla via the Niru Chu.

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Kullu 2 Nepal, May 2023

Sant Mote (India) completed my Alpine Field Bootcamp (Apr 2022) planned and executed a beautiful 21 days 300km West-East traverse through Himachal and Uttarakhand through 5 districts: Kullu, Shimla, Kinnaur, Uttarkashi and Tehri Garhwal. He explored and map several new hiking routes in OSM.

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Trans Zanskar, Sep 2023

Benjamin Vedrines mountain guide in the French Alps completed a two week 270km trans Zanskar traverse from Kanji to Sarchu across 17 high passes and 14 valleys along the more interior / non-touristic routes via Kanji La, Pingdong La, Orna river, Dibling, Barmai La, Lingshed, Hannuma La, Parfi La, Zanskar valley, Zangla, Ningri La, Lar La, Gautang La, Niru Chu, Shade, Nialog Konste La, Gotunte La, Tsarap river, Sarchu

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Kullu-Kinnaur-Spiti, Sep 2022, Aug 2022

Yuvaraj (India) completed my online Alpine Hiking Bootcamp in 2022 and planned a beautiful 10 days 100km circuit through the Pin and Khirganga and Great Himalayan National Parks through 4 districts of Kullu, Shimla, Kinnaur and Spiti through the Parvathi, Jiwa Nala, Sainj, Tirthan, Sutlej, Bhaba, Pin river valleys.

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Ladakh to Uttarakhand, Sep-Oct 2023

Leon Perrin (Australia) one of my Alpine Field Bootcamp students (Autumn 2023 batch) is planning a 2 months 600km trans-Himalayan traverse through the states of Ladakh, Himachal and Uttarakhand across 40 high and mid range passes passing through 10 Himalayan districts and touching 30 major river valleys till the border of Nepal.

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Kullu – Bara Bhanghal – Barot, Sep 2023

Sneha Suresh (India) finished my Online Alpine Bootcamp. She is planning nice a two week 150km circuit across 5 high passes across the Eastern Dhauladar in Autumn 2023. Beas valley > Dhauladar -> Ravi river -> Dhauladar -> Barot valley -> Lug valley -> Beas.

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