Planning a Himalayan Traverse using Open Street Maps

In this post we are using Open Street Maps and Waymarked Hiking Trails to plan a traverse across 18 passes in Lahaul-Zanskar-Ladakh-Spiti-Kullu. Click on the links below to review maps for the individual sections and elevation profiles. For each section a blog post on provides additional details.

Manali to Darcha – 145km (road)

Start at Manali

Cross Atal tunnel – highway

Tandi village – highway, junction with beautiful Pangi valley -> Kishtwar (J&K)

Darcha to Zanskar Sumdo – 22km, 870m+

Darcha – highway, take bus / hitch ride – food/stay

Take left (Leh is straight) – start hiking from here 

Reach Zanskar Sumdo (base of Singo La), road

Shingo La – 51km, 1690m+

Climb up from Zanskar Sumdo

Cross Shingo La – road, 5100m pass into Zanskar

Descend to Kargyak village

Cross Kargyak river to left side near Shing

Lalung to Pukhtal Gompa – 20km, 800m+

Trail through villages of Lalung, Ralta, Kuru, Testa, Yal – small shops

Cross Kargyak river to Purnefood/stay

Follow trail on right side of Tsarap river

Cross Tsarap river to left just before Phukthal monasteryfood/stay

Optional – Phukthal to Shade – 21km, 500m+ (x2)

Follow trail left of Tsarap river

Cross over to right near Goklung

Proceed on right side to Shade, one of most remote villages – food/stay

Return to Phukthal monastery – food/stay

Phukthal to Padum – 54km, 2400m+

Follow trail right of Tsarap river to Cha village

Cross over to left side of Kargyak river (right side is road)

Trail through villages of Zamdang, Kyalbok, Sule

Cross over to right side at Ichar

Hitch ride on road to Padumfood/stay

Padum to Linghsed – 71km, 2800m+

Hitch ride on road to Zangla (right of Zanskar river)

Cross Zanskar river to left near Pidmo

Follow trail to Hanumilfood/stay

Follow trail left side of Zanskar river

Cross over Parfi La pass – 3900m

Descend, cross over Orna river

Cross over Hannumula pass4700m

Descend to Lingshed villagefood/stay

Lingshed to Photoksar – 39km, 2500m+

Ultrajourneys blog

Follow trail to Stayangs

Cross over Singe-La pass4950m

Follow trail/track to Photoksar villageshops?

Photoksar to Kanji – 42km, 1800m+

Cross over Sirsir La pass4800m

Leave road, cross over Song Nala via trail

Cross over Nigutste La pass5100m

Cross over Yogma La pass4700m

Follow trail to Dumbur

Reach Kanji villagefood/stay

Hitch ride / walk road to Hanitskot (Leh-Srinagar highway) – 20km

Hitch ride on highway to Lamayurufood

Prinkti La – 6km, 500m+

Leave highway into trail

Cross over Prinkti La pass 3700m

Reach Shilla village

Shilla to Panjila – 10km, 450m+, road

Follow road to Wanla – food

Hitch ride on road to Panjilafood

Panjila to Chilling – 47km, 3300m+

Hike to Tsumpata, Hinju village

Cross over Konzke La pass 4900m 

Descend to Sumda Chemno

At Lasgo cross over Dungduchen La pass 4600m to Chilling

Markha Valley – 37km, 1800m+

Walk on road to confluence of Zanskar and Markha rivers

Hike through Markha valley

Trail goes through villages of Kaya, Skiu, Nakdi, Sara, Chaluk, Markha, Umlung – many homestays/shops

Reach last village of Hankar (last village) 

Option 1 – Konmaru La – 34km, 1600m+

Cross over Konmaru La pass 5260m

Descend to Chogdo village

Option 2 – Phobe La – 24km, 1500m+

Possible snow early July

Cross over Pobe La – 5600m pass

Descend to Lato village (Leh-Manali highway)

Option 3 – Ganda La – 21km, 1400m+

(preferred) return to Skiu village in Markha valley – food

Enter in side-valley towards Shingo

Cross over Ganda La pass 4950m to Rumbak – homestay/food

Option 1 – Exit to Leh

Option2: Stok La – 9km, 700m+

(prefered) cross over Stok La pass 4550m

Descend to Mankarmo (base of Stok Kangri pass)

Stok to Shang – 36km, 2200m+

Cross over to Shang La pass 4950m to Shang village

// Get inner line permit in Leh for Tso Miori area / Parang La

Shang to Miru – ???

Hike to Shang Sumdo – food

Proceed upstream to Chogdo

Cross over xxx pass 4700m to Miru village (Leh-Manali highway)

Hitch a ride to Rumtse – food

Rumtse to Tso Kar – 39km, 900m+

Cross over Kyamar La pass 5100m

Cross over Madalchan La pass 5200m

Cross over Shingbuk La pass 5300m

Reach Tso Kar lake

Tso Kar to Tso Miori – 59km, 1300m+

Cross over Kyamayuri La 5500m

Cross over Kostse La 5500m

Cross over Yalung Nyau La pass 5500m

Reach Karzok village at Tso Miori lake – food

Parang La – 100km, 2700m+

Cross over Parang La 5550m

Reach Kibber villagefood

Follow trail to Tashigang village

Descend into Shilla Nalla

Climb up through gorge to Langza village

Langza to Dhankar – 36km, 2000m+

Follow track to Hikkim, Komic – food

Cross over Demul-Hikkim pass 4750m

Reach Demul village

Descend into gorge to Sanglung

Cross Lingti river at Rama – food

Follow trail to Dhankar villagefood

Shingchiling to Mud – 40km (road)

Descend to Shinchling (Kaza highway) 

Hitch ride to Lingti, cross over Spiti river into Pin river valley

Hitch ride to Mud villagefood

Pin Parvati – 80km, 3400m+

Follow track on right side of Pin river

Cross Pin Parvati pass 5300m

Descend into Parvati valley

Follow trail to Kheerganga

Reach Pulga villagefood

Sar Pass – 33km, 2000m+

Cross over Sar pass 4100m

Descend to Grahan village – food

Reach Kasol village in Parvati valley – food

Rasol Pass – 10km, 1600m+

Hike up to Rasol village

Cross over Rasol pass 3250m

Chandrakhani Pass – 14km, 1400m+

Hike up to Malana villagefood

Cross over Chandrakhani pass 3700

Descend to Rumsu villagefood

Hitch ride back to Manali