Trans Himachal 2018 – 26 Kasol – Sar Pass (4100) – Pulga


Sar Pass

Connecting Kasol and Pulga villages in the Parvati valley the Sar Pass offers a beautiful 2 day trek experience

Parvati Valley

Sunset view on the Parvati valley as seen from our campsite in the alpine meadows near the Sar pass (4100m). Opposite the high ranges that separate green Kullu from barren Lahaul

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Graham Village

Last village on the way from Kasol to the Sar pass

Biskeri Slide

The narrow ridge next to the Sar pass on the way to Pulga village


Steep Ascend

Walking up from Kasol to Graham village on the way to the Sar pass (4100m) in the Parvati valley


Above the Clouds

Beautiful views on the green Parvati valley from the alpine meadows while climbing up the Sar pass (4100m) from Kasol to Pulga.


The picturesque village of Pulga one of the last hamlets in the Parvati valley frequented by Israli tourists



Sunset view on Parvati valley seen from near to the Sar Pass (4100m) on the way from Kasol to Pulga

Grazing Skies

Sheep grazing the meadows above the Parvati valley near the Sar pass (4100m). On the horizon the high ranges of Lahaul in the clouds


Photo Album

Stunning views on the Parvati valley and its surrounding high ranges from the Sar pass

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