Alpine Field Bootcamp is a one week immersive learning in the mountains on independent hiking- map reading & navigation, Himalayan terrains, lightweight gears, traverse planning, topography, food & shelter, high altitude hiking, seasons & weather, etc. Participants will check into a beautiful basecamp in the mountains where above topics will be taught through theory and hands-on field assignments in the surrounding forests and meadows. Details over here

Himalayan Geography & GIS This hands-on online training gets you started with Quantum GIS and Open Street Maps to study and understand Himalayan geography and plan your own traverses through the Himalayas across thousands of mountain passes and pre-mapped hiking routes. Start here

Guiding alpine hikers. Based on my extensive exploration experience of 350 mountain passes in the Western Indian Himalayas and exploring jungles in South India for over a decade I guide independent hikers from around the world in planning and executing their Himalayan traverses as per the seasons, identifying a realistic schedule, advising on gears, acclimatization, night halts and food supply. We discuss elaborately in advance to plan the route, strategy and challenges and stay in touch during the actual traverse rerouting as per actual weather (snow) conditions.

Interviews with several well known POD casts and magazines on my journey to nature, ultra journeys across the Indian Himalayas, minimalist lifestyle and more

Himalayan Hiking Routes. More than 600 hiking routes spanning 12 thousand kilometers across the Western Himalayas have been explored, GPS recorded and accurately mapped in Open Street Maps. Find an overview of these beautiful routes categorized in 19 Himalayan regions: geography, high ranges and main rivers and hiking route network with detailed blogs, route descriptions, elevation profile, photos and videos for many of these routes.

Great Himalayan Trail runs East to West in Nepal extending further into India as the Great Western Himalayan Trail through Uttarakhand, Himachal, Ladakh and Kashmir. This blog presents an overview of the 24 individual OSM sections across 49 valleys (Khola) and 52 mountain passes (Bhanjyang) as it traverses through the Koshi, Bagmati, Gondaki, Karnali and Sudurpashchim provinces.

Education 10 Online Courses and Webinars consolidating my extensive alpine hiking experience exploring more than 350 high passes across the Western Himalayas and a decade of wilderness exploration in the jungles of South India. 200+ modules familiarize you with important concepts to become an independent alpine explorer. Map reading and route planning, navigation techniques, planning an alpine journey, fast hiking and lightweight gears, Himalayan terrains, GIS analysis of Himalayan geography and hiking trails, Open Street Maps, etc.

Articles Numerous articles and interviews in reputed magazines like Explorers Web, The Outdoor Magazine, The Himalayan Club, Indian Mountaineering Foundation and others on my Himalayan explorations and geo mapping of the Western Indian Himalayas.

Mapping the Western Himalayas. Understanding the importance of detailed maps to explore the Indian Himalayas, I mapped thousands of mountain passes, hiking routes, prominent peaks, alpine lakes, major rivers and tens of thousands of human settlements in Open Street Maps enabling the international outdoor community to plan and navigate journeys through the Indian Himalayas.

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Ultra Journeys are thousand kilometers long explorations across the Western Indian Himalayas. As a minimalist fast-hiker I explored 350+ traverses / mountain passes across Himachal, Ladakh, Uttarakhand and Jammu & Kashmir. This blog includes detailed maps, articles, blogs, news & videos for each ultra journey.

Sahyadri. 12 beautiful long traverses across 1000km of trails connecting 150+ forts, peaks, ghats and lakes spanning the Sahyadri range in the Western Ghats of India. Major benefit of multi-day long traverses is that one can cover many forts and peaks in a single journey with beautiful overnight camps avoiding significant onward/return travel overhead part of multiple one-day single fort visits.

Blog 850+ posts documenting my Himalayan explorations in detail, capturing my extensive field experience in webinars, presentations, training courses, numerous articles in reputed magazines, interviews with news magazines and bloggers, thousands of photos and videos on Instagram and YouTube channels, short films, etc.

Peter is the name. Ultra runner, explorer, alpinist and minimalist. Born in Belgium, settled in India. Quit the corporate world in 2017 and into full time travel & exploration now. I usually plan my ultra journeys spanning several months and thousands of kilometres in the remote mountains. Get to know me through some of these featured articles, interviews, news, awards, talks or relief efforts. My motto “Die with memories, not dreams