Numerous interviews in well known POD casts, outdoor magazines, etc on my ultra journeys in the Indian Himalayas, minimalist solo exploration style and mapping of the Western Himalayas.

Interview by The Ranveer Show (TRS) in Mumbai on exploring the Himalayas, communicating with the tribal communities, witnessing the beauty of the Himalayas encountering wildlife on his journeys, and much more.

Truth & Life – Interview with Dr. Ashwin Vijay in Chennai on living minimalist and close to nature.

Interview with Explorers Web magazine  on my planned Trans Himalaya 2020 ultra journey just before Himachal closed its borders early March.

Interview with Ultra Running World – A Modern Minimalist Nomad. During the summer of 2019 Peter ran 3000km in the Indian Himalayas. The journey was executed without any support, it was self planned and managed, making his way through virgin jungles, alpine meadows, moraines, glaciers, snow, streams and 120 passes. For 12 hours a day Peter ran and power hiked carrying minimal gear in a 5kg backpack

Interview with Outrigger. It makes you feel alive, completely opposite of daily routine. It was in 2018 that Chennai-based ultrarunner, Peter Van Geit, first stitched together several passes in the Himalaya, doing an extended spate of fast-hiking. In 2019, he took that up another notch, journeying across 120 passes in about as many days. Then he shifted his attention to the state of Maharashtra and ran or cycled to some 200 forts.

Interview with Loksatta Live in Pune. In 2019 October, a Belgian man visited Maharashtra and came to know about Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and immediately decided to visited all the forts of Maharashtra, In 2 months he visited 200 forts in Maharashtra.

Interview with News Uncut in Pune on my journey to climb 200 forts over 2 months across the Sahyadri.

Interview with the Adventurous Few. For many of us, a journey into the mountains is an occasional luxury – a welcome retreat into nature from an ever-insulated world. We get a fleeting glimpse into our true passion for the natural world before returning to the so called ‘real world’ once again. But there are an adventurous few with the determination and vision to build a life around that passion.

Interview with Outrigger. The pleasure in talking to Peter is that despite his acceptance of social media as tool for networking, he hasn’t traded the outdoors for the comfort of commanding a virtual community. To meet him, we had to be at a large, deep pool – an abandoned quarry – at Ottiambakkam on the outskirts of Chennai.

Interview with The Brew Magazine. Scaling the top of the world has not put a stop to Peter Van Geit’s adventures. The Founder of the Chennai Trekking Club has much to say about the organization and his tete-a-tete with the Great Outdoors

Interview with The Hindu. Colours Of Chennai: Of forests, streams and sloth bears. Once you know what Peter Van Geit does over the weekends, his statement: “I am a bit of an explorer,” will seem like a light-hearted joke. Since he started the Chennai Trekking Club (CTC) four years ago, this Belgian- turned-honorary Chennaite, spends most weekends “exploring beautiful places in South India.”