TheAdventurousFew- An Interview with Extreme Explorer Peter Van Geit

The Himalayan Ultra-Runner

“In general I feel hikers are taking along too much of city comforts along with them in the mountains, ending up struggling against their backpack rather than the mountain.”

For many of us, a journey into the mountains is an occasional luxury – a welcome retreat into nature from an ever-insulated world. We get a fleeting glimpse into our true passion for the natural world before returning to the so called ‘real world’ once again. But there are an adventurous few with the determination and vision to build a life around that passion. They live for that sublime moment, the clarity of mind and thirst for exploration that drives many of us into the mountains in the first place. Peter Van Geit is one such individual, and his truly epic lightweight explorations are a testament to his vision and determination to live the life he chooses.

Peter was kind enough to share some insights and experiences from his ‘Ultra journeys’ – the latest of which saw him cross 120 Himalayan passes in as many days.