Trans Himachal 2018 – 29 Karcham – Sangla – Chitkul



Bering Nag temple at Sangla, Kinnaur. An architectural wonder, this temple is devoted to Lord Jagas.

It’s a small world

What are the chances of meeting two Belgians in the remote small village of Sangla, Kinnaur. Two years touring with cycle across Asia from Europe. My kind of souls…


Sangla Kanda

Colors of the harvest in the Sangla valley in Kinnaur below the high ranges of Phawararang separating Himachal and China on our way to the Rupin Pass.

Zangu Nagas

Meet a 90 year old homeless Sangla lady who resides in the beautiful ancient Zangu Nagas temple and keeps the Tibetan prayer wheel spinning 24 hours. On our way from Kinnaur to Shimla through the Rupin pass

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The wheels of a Belgian couple cycling 2.5 years from Europe to India

Kamra Fort

Beautiful hand carved wooden doors on the Kamru Fort in Sangla village, Kinnaur. Heritage building protected by police.


Made at Home

Most homes in the smaller villages of Himachal have their own weaving machine to craft their clothes and blankets

Prayer Wheel

92 years young, this homeless lady resides at the Bering Nag temple in the town of Sangla in the Baspa valley of Kinnaur close to the Indo-Tibetan border. She keeps the prayer wheel spinning throughout the day at this temple devoted to Lord Jagas (Shiva)


Kinnaur Apple

Apples in Kinnaur are grown at an altitude above 10,000 feet. The prominent apple belts in the district are Sangla, Kalpa, Chango, Nichar and Pooh. A single tree can easily carry two hundred apples.