Sahib-Style Trekking

Here is a counter-view for the “Independent Style Trekking”.  I ask myself “Why do you trek ?” The principal reasons are to enjoy nature and to enjoy the walk.  If those are the objectives and if I can afford it why not achieve the above objectives with luxury and comfort.  That is what “Sahib Style” trekking essentially is.  “Sahib Style” trekking  achieves the above objectives without the additional challenges (pains if you will) of “independent style treks”.

The following are some of the key characteristics of “Sahib Style Trekking” :-
v Porters/Mules to carry your luggage
v Guides to show you the way
v Cook to ensure that you have tasty, nutritious and timely food along your way (often with desserts included)
v A dining tent where you sit comfortably in a spacious tent replete with tables and chairs
v A Kitchen tent where the cook & his staff (often comprising a helper or two) cook hot meals for you. Sometimes the staff even carries gas cylinders for use in the kitchen
v A spacious tent for you having a sleeping mat, warm sleeping bags and in some cases I have seen a layer or two of quilt blankets/comforters

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