Exploring the lower Himalayas

Due to heavy snow fall this winter the higher passes (150 I planned, see earlier post) in the Himalayas would open only later in the year. During early summer (Mar-May) I would therefore focus on exploring remote regions in the lower altitudes. In the past week I have been analyzing sat maps and identified hundreds of remote, small hamlets hidden deep inside forests and connected by hundreds of kilometers of trails in both Uttarakhand and Chamba.

The above map shows an area of about 2500 square kilometer spanning the Northern and Southern slopes of the Chamba valley where one can find hundreds of remote hamlets and lots of trails. Enough to easily fast hike for 2-3 months

The above map shows a 4000 sq km region spanning Uttarakhand East to West covering hundreds of small hamlets deep inside the mountains connected by beautiful forest trails mostly below 3000 meters altitude. Ideal for exploration during early summer when the high passes are still closed

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  1. Hi Peter, need some help. I’m going on solo venturing again to Uttarakhand starting from Dehradhun in November for 3 weeks. Can you suggest some less known hikes I can do solo or probably I can hire a guide if the locals call for it due to present situation. Preferably looking to do some low altitude passes.
    Any info. you can pass on would be really helpful. Thanks a have a wonderful and safe year ahead.

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