Alpine fast-hiking – Minimalist Gears

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Overview of gears of a minimalist alpine-style hiker. Packing light allows one to climb faster and more enjoyable. Crossing passes can be done in lesser time which means less food and lower altitude (warmer) campsites

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Base layer

Base layer consists of light, breathable clothing suitable for fast hiking (supports transpiration). Dry-fit tee, dry-fit shorts, breathable shoes, sun cover (cap, sleeves). Breathable clothing is suitable for both sunny weather and rains (comfortable while wet, dries fast)

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Any lightweight, breathable trail shoe will do. Rugged sole for rough, rocky, landslide prone terrain. Breathable upper mesh for good ventilation, stream crossings.

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Rains, Wind

A good quality, lightweight rain jacket with hoodie (water and wind proof) is an excellent addition to the breathable base layer. It protects against cold rain and chill wind at higher altitudes.

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Cold Climate

At higher altitudes, passes, cold mornings and evenings one can wear a lightweight fleece on top of your breathable base layer to stay warm. Optionally a rain jacket on top of that to keep out the cold wind. And a light warm cap

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Layer up to stay warm at night. Light fleece over the base layer (+ optional rain jacket) + a 5-15 deg sleeping bag will trap the body heat during cold nights. A 8mm custom-cut thermocol mat to block the cold underground. A 3 season lightweight tent or bivy to cut out the wind / rains

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