Trans Himachal 2018 – 09 Tangze – Phirtse La (5560) – Sarchu – Keylong

Phirtse La

The highest pass crossed in the entire Trans Himachal 2018 journey, the Phirtse La at 550m connecting Dangze in Zanskar with Sarchu in Lahaul

Beneath the Stars

Never lose your sense of wonder.

Dreaming below the milky way at the base of the Phirtse La (5500m), Zanskar.

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Out of food and long way to go from Tangze, Zanskar across the Phirtse Lapass (5560m) to Sarchu we bumped into this shepherd from Barmour who welcomed us to stay and eat in his open shelter surrounded by 600 sheep beneath a billion star night sky. The night at 4000+ m was cold, the experience etched in memory forever.


Hai there! Wassup? Curious little mountain goat checking us out from top of our shelter while camping at the base of Phirtse La pass (5560m).


Stream Crossings

As the summer sun rises high and more meltwater flows down from the glaciers, the streams become dangerous obstacles for the high altitude hiker. Here we cross the stream below the Phirtse La (5500m) in Zanskar, Ladakh

Horse men

Horses carrying shelter and food descending in front of the glacier beneath the Phirtse La (5560m) pass from Sarchu, Lahaul to Dangze, Zanskar


Lingti River

Panoramic view on the Lingti river valley as it flows from Zanskar Ladakh to join the Yanum river near Sarchu

Getting across

Bridge crossing the Yunam river near Sarchu as hikers exit the Lingthi valley



Travel makes one humble. You realise what a tiny place you occupy in the world. Gustav Flobert