Loop-Whole – Crossing 40 Passes in 75 Days – Peter Van Geit’s ‘Ultra’ Love Affair with the Himalaya

The world of Indian Hiking/Climbing Fraternity was taken by storm last month when a Belgian National, residing in India for the last 20 years, pulled off a hitherto unknown superhuman feat by walking across unexplored (in literal sense) Himalayan Passes. To make his epic journey even more incredible, he did so by doing it purely in alpine style.

That man was Peter Van Geit and I got a chance to speak with him regarding his adventure of Himalayan proportions in the truest sense. When his expedition was in the planning stage, I did get an email regarding his route from Sathya (arguably the finest trekker of our times but his story for some other timebut I couldn’t help him much because, a) I had no idea about most of the trails he intended to measure in his ultra-running style and b) I didn’t think it was practically possible to do something which Peter intended to do….