Explorers Web: 200 Forts in Two Months

The 3,000km Trans-Himalyan run that ultra-runner Peter Van Geit completed last summer was not enough for him. To finish 2019, he decided on an imaginative challenge that only someone very familiar with India would think of: climb 200 forts along the length of the Western Ghats. He called his new project the Trans-Sahyadri; Sahyadri is another term for the Western Ghat.

Many forts were built in the 16th century under Chhatrpati Shivaji Maharaj. A warrior king, he established India’s first navy to protect the coast of what is now the state of Maharashtra. As part of his strategy, he erected forts along the mountains through the Western Ghats and Konkan coast. These forts looked down from almost unreachable aeries on steep rock faces and cliffs, which gave the high ground over invading forces.

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