Trans Himachal 2018 – 23 Bara Bangal – Kaliheni Pass (4837) – Sangchar


Kaliheni Pass

Connecting Chamba and Kullu, the Kaliheni pass is the shortest path between Bara Bangal and Baragran

Colors of Himachal

Colours of Himachal! The alpine meadows are dotted with beautiful flowers spanning all colours of the rainbow attracting insects and birds alike. Here near Bara Bangal, remotest hamlet in the Chamba valley on the way to the Kaliheni pass. Photo Album

Flowers Kaliheni

Above the Clouds

Above the clouds! Overlooking the green Kullu valley from the Kaliheni pass (4837m) on the way from Bara Bangal in Chamba to Manali. High altitude peaks separating Kullu from Lahaul peeking through the clouds on the opposite side

White Carpet

Picturesque green meadows dotted with white alpine flowers below theKaliheni pass (4837m) on the way to Baragran in Kullu valley.



While climbing up from Bara Bangal to the Kaliheni pass one meets many shepherds grazing the alpine meadows with their herds and always ready to offer food and shelter to the lone traveler


The massive glacier below the Kaliheni pass at the Chamba side spanning across the entire Pir Panjal high ranges



Overnight stay amid cold weather at 4000m altitude in this small cosy rock shelter with this friendly shepherd preparing delicious dinner before crossing the Kaliheni pass (4860m) from Kangra to Kullu the next morning.

Yummy Kullu!

September is Apple season in Himachal. Here at Badgran village in the Kullu valley while descending from the Kaliheni pass


Alpine Meadows

Trail descending along valley slopes through the beautiful alpine meadows of the Kullu valley on the way down from the Kaliheni Pass

Photo Album

From deep inside Chamba to Kullu through the Kaliheni pass

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