Trans Himachal 2018 – 22 Rajgundha – Thamsar (4748) – Bara Bangal


Thamsar Pass

Thamsar pass connects Bada Gran in Kangra to Bara Bangal in Chamba


Your best friends in the high mountains: the gaddis or shepherds. Always ready to offer shelter and food. Humanity we lost in our civilizations is still in tact in the remote places of our planet

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Ice Bridge

Ice bridges are formed when a stream flows beneath a glacier melting an arch shaped opening. Here a beautiful specimen big enough for a bus to fit underneath, on the way from Bada Gran to the Thamsar pass (4748m) in Kangra, Himachal.t

Snow Leopards

The great Himalayan shepherd dog guides and protects large herds of sheep and goats from predators in the remote high altitude meadows. The steel collar with sharp spikes prevents him from being an easy kill target by the elusive snow leopard roaming in the same areas. Here near the TamsarPass (4700m) in Chamba district where shepherd lost 6 out of 600 sheep this year to leopards.


Palchek Jhodi

Palchek Jhodi shelter on the way from Rajgundha to the Thamsar pass inhabited by a lone cow herder who is ready to offer food and overnight stay to travelers passing by

Cloudy Skies

Cowherder at Palchek Jhodi guiding his cows and goats across the river in view of cloudy skies and forceful currents


Bara Bangal

Chamba’s most interior hamlet of Bara Bangal located at the end of the valley along the Ravi river