Trans Himalaya 2019 - The Movie

Navigation Bootcamp 2020

Free online training series through educational videos, practical online and field assignments to teach the art of map reading and modern day GPS based navigation over the next couple of weeks. Click here to proceed.

Fast Hiking the Himalayas

Summary presentation on alpine style minimalist hiking in the Himalayas focusing on preparation and gears

Upcoming Talks

Alpine style minimalist hiking talks planned at Decathlon stores in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi in Feb / March timeframe

Ultra Journeys

Trans Sahyadris 2019

Climbing 200+ Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj forts across 4 trans routes and 10 regions over 2 months across the Sahyadris. Oct-Dec 2019

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Trans Himalaya 2019

A 4 months alpine style ultra hike across 100 high altitude passes in Himachal, Uttarkand and J&K. May-Sep 2019

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Sahyadris 2019

Climbing 22 forts in the beautiful Sahyadris of Maharsatra in Feb 2019

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Trans Himachal 2018

A 75 days ultra hike across 40 high altitude passes in Himachal and J&K

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Vietnam Ultra Run 2018

A 50 day self-supported ultra run through the Northeastern mountains of Vietnam near the border with China

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International Trail Races 2017

Various 100K, 100Miles international trail ultras completed in 2017

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Spiti + Pangi Ultra 2017

A 2 week 700km ultra run from Shimla to Yammu in the beautiful Spiti and Pangi valleys

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Pangi + Zanskar Solo Run 2016

A 2 week 600km self-supported solo run from Dalhousie to Padum through the Pangi and Zanskar valleys

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Cycle Touring in Vietnam 2016

A 2 week, 800km cycle tour from Hanoi to Lao Cai through the Northwestern mountains of Vietnam

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Srinagar-Manali Ultra Run 2015

A 2 week 600km ultra run through the beautiful Pangi valley from Srinagar to Manali

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Spiti Ultra Run 2015

A 2 week 600km ultra run from Shimla to Manali through the high altitude desert of Spiti

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Srilanka Cycle Touring 2015

A 2 week, 800km cycle tour through the mountains and national parts of central Srilanka

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Shimla 2 Leh Cycling 2013

A 2 week 1000km cycle touring journey from Shimla to Leh through the Lahaul and Spiti. A summary presentation over here.

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Navigation Bootcamp (Prev version)

Practical multi-module online course to master the art of map reading and navigation