Ultra Journeys are long endurance journeys over thousands of kilometers to reconnect with beautiful, untouched nature in the remote mountains and rediscover lost humanity. In 2018 I ran 2000km solo in the remote mountains of Vietnam and hiked 40 passes in the Himalayas. In summer 2019 I fast hiked 3000km across the Himalayas exploring 120 lesser known high passes. In winter 2019 I climbed 200 forts in the Sahyadri’s. During winter of 2020 I explored 110 passes across 2000km in Uttarakhand

Mapping the Western Himalayas. Understanding the importance of detailed maps to explore the Indian Himalayas, I mapped thousands of mountain passes, hiking routes, prominent peaks, alpine lakes, major rivers and tens of thousands of human settlements in Open Street Maps enabling the outdoor community to plan and navigate journeys through the Indian Himalayas.

Alpine Style Hiking Bootcamp. Take up this free, online training course to master the necessary skills to become an independent explorer. 50+ hands-on modules cover important concepts including Topographic Maps, Navigation, Traverse Planning, Minimalist Fast Hiking, Himalayan Geography, Quantum GIS, Open Street Maps, Map Sources and creating an Atlas of the Himalays. Do the course from anywhere, anytime and earn a certificate upon completion.

Peter is the name. Ultra runner, explorer, alpinist and minimalist. Born in Belgium, settled in India. Quit the corporate world in 2017 and into full time travel & exploration now. I usually plan my ultra journeys spanning several months and thousands of kilometres in the remote mountains. Get to know me through some of these featured articles, interviews, news, awards, talks or relief efforts. My motto “Die with memories, not dreams

Knowledge for all. Over the years, I documented my explorations and journeys extensively and organized the content through thousands of videos and short-films, presentations on planning and execution, detailed maps and blogs on passes and forts. Watch my webinars to learn about the Himalayan ranges and Sahyadri forts, learn about alpine style exploration, understand fast-hiking using minimalist gears and master the important skill of map reading & navigation.

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