Expenses of Alpine style hiker

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Many are asking "How do you manage expenses?". Traveling (minimalist) is MUCH cheaper than living in a city. I hardly spent 200Rs a day. Once you are in the mountains or country side you cannot spend money. A meal in the village is hardly 60Rs. I never stay in hotels, always camp outside or in a temple, etc. Many days I don't spent anything being hosted by a friendly villager with food and night stay. I use public transport to commute on roads between my destinations or run / hike in the trails. (Only in Sahyadri journey i use a bike). In the cities we are consumers earning and spending lots of money and buy fancy, useless things. Living / running minimalist in the mountains with one shorts and tee, a mat and blanket, drinking from streams, breathing fresh air, eating organic food, bathing in natural lakes and meeting kind people, live is simple and beautiful. I spent 4 months in the Himalayas in less than 20K Rs, covering 120 passes or less than 200Rs per pass! Waking up in a different beautiful location each day, discovering new, mesmerizing natural places, meeting kind innocent people. The world is a beautiful place and life is too short to commute in traffic and be locked up in a cubicle each day. Die with memories, not dreams Ultrajourneys.org #Explore #Mountains #Minimalist #UltraRunning

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