Mapping the Western Himalayas

Welcome to a centralized portal on the Western Indian Himalayas which until now was non existent making it difficult to explore this beautiful region. During the 2020 Covid lockdown we mapped 2000+ Himalayan passes & hiking routes, alpine lakes, peaks and 20+ thousand remote farming hamlets across the Western Himalayas creating a true treasure trove for the independent, alpine style hiker.

Data was consolidated from various sources, accurately geo-referenced and geo-tagged into the Open Street Maps (OSM) project. The information can viewed through standard OSM map viewers and mobile apps. We also built a custom map which highlights all info relevant to the hiking community:

Hiking routes – 2055
Named passes – 1181
Unnamed passes – 1002
Alpine lakes – 727
Peaks – 1622

Hiking Routes

A custom map created in QGIS with an OpenTopoMap base layer highlighting hiking routes, passes, lakes and peaks relevant for the Himalayan hiker covering J&K, Ladakh, Himachal and Uttarakhand. Zoom in and out to reveal more/less details and click on the layers to filter out different types of information.


Twenty+ thousand settlements were mapped across the Indian Western Himalayas into Open Street Maps:

Villages – 4033
Hamlets – 15987
Dwellings – 5012
Towns – 176
Localities – 531
Temples – 883
Campsites – 473
Shelters – 799

Waymarked Trails Map

This is a standard map view on hiking routes defined in Open Street Maps (real-time). It shows intercontinental, national, regional and local routes as you zoom in and out of the map. As of now 300 GPS recorded routes have been uploaded for the Western Himalayas. You can click on each route to see an elevation profile and download a GPX file for navigation.

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