Vietnam 2018

Vietnam 2018

A 2000 km self-supported solo run across the remote mountains of Northeast Vietnam through the provinces of Lao Cai, Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Tuyen Quang and Bac Kan.

Carrying a map, tarp and sleeping bag for shelter, experiencing heart warming hospitality in beautiful hamlets. Navigation using Google maps, running across beautiful off road trails and swimming through rivers and lakes.



Summary presentation on planning, preparation and learnings

Lao Cai 1

Lao Cai 2

Lao Cai 3

Lao Cai 4

Ha Giang 1

Ha Giang 2

Ha Giang 3

Ha Giang 4

Ha Giang 5

Ha Giang 6

Ha Giang 7

Ha Giang 8

Ha Giang 9

Ha Giang 10

Cao Bang 1

Cao Bang 2

Cao Bang 3

Cao Bang 5

Cao Bang 6

Bac Kan 1

Bac Kan 2

Bac Kan 3

Tuyen Quang 1

Ha Giang 11

Tuyen Quang 2

Bac Kan 5

Bac Kan 6

Tuyen Quang 3

Hanoi 1

Ha Long Bay 1

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