Trans Himachal 2019

After last years first alpine style journey across the Himalayas, the plan this year the to do a 2500km self supported journey across 100+ passes in Himachal, Ladakh and Uttarakhand. Neil D'Souza, award winning film maker, will be joining me to document the entire journey in a full featured movie.

This page lists the planned passes, running route, planning & preparation, gears and navigation. A few friends will be joining for short periods in between.

Daily Posts

Follow my Ongoing Journey, daily posts, photos, videos etc in the Trans Himalayas 2019 Section. You can get more detailed information about alpine style journey.


List of passes planned as part of the Trans Himachal 2019 journey

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Route Map

Google Map of the planned 2019 Trans Himachal 2019 journey

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Preperation & Planning

Presentation on Preparation & Planning: Maps, Hiking Trails, Gears, Himalayas, Pass Crossing


There is only one rule in alpine style ultra hiking - pack as LIGHT as possible. Every extra 100 grams will severely impact you while climbing steep uphill in the Himalayas


Install and configure OSMAnd mobile app for offline maps and navigation through Open Street Maps. Install Google Earth mobile and cache satellite maps

Map Reading

Basic map reading skills are essential to find your way and be safe in the wilderness. Go through this small assignment to learn how to plan a trek between two points.


Power or energy is essential for both navigation and capturing (photos, videos) of the journey. Read more on how to manage your power


Memory management is key to being able to capture your journey through photos and videos. A few important tips on how to plan your storage

Photo blogging

Documenting your journey is easy. Geo-tag your photos and videos. Upload in Google Photos. Create a Google Map and import your media. Google now displays a visual map of your journey


Neil Productions (http://neil.dj/) is planning to cover the entire 6 months journey across 100+ high altitude passes in Himachal, Ladakh and Uttarakhand


Follow me on my journey through the SPOT Gen3. My location is tracked in real-time using GPS satellites and updated periodically through communication satellites. Send out SOS in case of emergencies