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Sahyadris Map

200 forts and 4 trans-Sahyadri routes between Nasik, Mumbai, Pune and Satara

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Forts & Routes

Route across 9 regions and 4 trans routes covering 200+ forts

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Talk By @Peter Van Geit
Dec 8th | Pune

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A passionate Belgian trekker who fell in love with Sahyadri and forts of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja

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Self Supported Journeys

Ultra explorer @petervangeit from Belgium, will be giving an inspirational talk on "Self Supported Journeys" at pre-race briefing of SRT Ultra on Dec 7th. Team WGRF are thrilled to have Peter over at #SRTULTRA 2019 to interact with the runners who are looking for next level exploration.

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Radio One Pune

Tune in tomorrow 9-10am to Radio One 94.3 FM for a lively chat with @mjtarun on my Trans Sahyadri journey! Thanks @rawpune_official for arranging the interview

Trans Route 1

Lonavala 2 Naneghat

Trans Route 2

Harishchandragad 2 Bhandardara

Trans Route 3

Matheran Traverse

Trans Route 4

Pune 2 Mahabaleshwar

Trans Route 3

Matheran Traverse

Region 1

Nasik North, Ajantha - Sathmaal range

Region 2

Nasik North, Selbari - Dolbari ranges


Region 3

Nasik West Trimbak range

Region 4

Nasik South, Kalsubai Range

Region 5



Region 6

Pawna - Tahmini

Region 7

Mumbai South

Region 8



Region 9

Konkan South

Region 10

Mumbai North