Trans Himalaya 2019 – 120 passes completed

Mission Trans Himalaya 2019 – completed 120 passes over 4 months (one per day) covering 3000 km and 175 thousand meters elevation gain across glaciers, alpine meadows, canyons, high altitude deserts, wild streams, forests spanning the states of Uttarakhand, Himachal and J&K. Full album of passes on Facebook and

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A. Uttarakhand
P1. Dharma top 3300m
P2. Balsi Khal 3900m
P3. Dharti kharak 3800m
P4. Dharti Khal 3400m
P5. Tomik-Rapti pass 2800m
P6. Bothi pass 2220m
P7. Ralam 3500m
P8. Rur Khan pass 3480m
P9. Sur Sungri Khal 3240m
P10. Madhari pass 3020m
P11. Kati Khal pass 2920m
P12. Pindari glacier 3600m
P13. Badiyakot-Barkandi pass 2780m
P14. Barkandi-Himni pass 3350m
P15. Ali Khal 3450m
P16. Kukin Khal 3100m
P17. Surya Ghat 3180m
P18. Kuari pass 3700m
P19. Naola pass 3800m
P20. Kyunkhola Khal 3500m
P21. Reeh-Gainwali pass 3360m
P22. Gainwali-Pinswar pass 3150m
P23. Pinswar-Malla pass 3300m
P24. Dayara pass 3600m
P25. Darwa Pass 3760m
P26. Darwa pass (2)
P27. Darsaun-Jewanu pass 2800m
P28. Sure-Sankri Pass 3460m
P29. Kedarkanta 3800m
B. Himachal
P30. Chansal pass 3750m
P31. Balsheo 3300m
P32. Rakhundi Top 3670m
P33. Tirthan-Sainj pass 3870m
P34. Kandi Galu 3627m
P35. Sari Pass 3750m
P36. Joginder Nagar-Barot pass 2550m
P37. Kareri pass 3100m
P38. Baleni 3800m
P39. Mankeni 4020m
P40. Laka Deep 3150m
P41. Indrahar 4320m
P42. Waru-Jalsu valley Pass 3400m
P43. Waru 3870m
P44. Haudi ki Goth 2800m
P45. Triund Peak 3240m
P46. Laka Deep 3100m
P47. Gaj Pass 4100m
P48. Gauri Kund pass 4100m
P49. Marhu 4300m
P50. Darati 4580m
P51. Chaurasi 4500m
P52. Kalicho 4800m
P53. Kang La 5450m
C. Ladakh
P54. Namste La 4490m
P55. Namste La (2)
P56. Parfi La 3900m
P57. Hanuma La 4730m
P58. Netuke La 4380m
P59. Kyupka La 4440m
P60. Singge La 4950m
P61. Sirsir La 4800m
P62. Nigutste La 5100m
P63. Yogma La 4720m
P64. Prinkti La 3700m
P65. Konski La 4900m
P66. Lanak La 4100m
P67. Dungduchen La 4600m
P68. Zalung Karpo La 5170m
P69. Yar la 4940m
P70. Pogmar La 4980m
P71. Shingbuk La 5280m
P72. Mandalchan La 5210m
P73. Kyamar La 5100
P74. Shapodak la 4660m
P75. Shang La 4930m
P76. Matho La 4950m
P77. Stok Kangri 6140m
P78. Stok La 4846m
P79. Ganda La 4960m
P80. Stakspi / Sminopi La 5150m
P81. Mangyu La 4150
P82. Ipti La 4130m
P83. Tar La 4900m
D. Zanskar, Lahaul
P84. Prinkti La 3700m
P85. Yogma La 4740m
P86. Kanji la 5240m
P87. Pidong la 5020m
P88. Barmai la 4670m
P89. Netuke La 4430m
P90. Kyupka La 4400m
P91. Kong la 3940m
P92. Chochogori La 3960m
P93. Chochogori La x 2
P94. Kong La x 2
// Nerak deadend, U turn
P95. Kyupka La x 3
P96. Netuke La x 3
P97. Hanuma La x 2
P98. Parfi La x 2
P99. Niala Konste La 4830m
P100. Gotunte La 5140m
P101. Tsarap I pass 4360m
P102. Tsarap II pass 4380m
P103. Marang La 5350m
P104. Jinzby La 4620m
P105. Pogmar La x 2
P106. Tsarap II pass x 2
P107. Tsarap I pass x 2
// Heavy rain, early snowfall, U turn
P108. Tsarap I pass x 3
P109. Tsarap II pass x 3
E. Himachal
P110. Rangcha Gali 4413m
P111. Beas Kund 3700m
P112. Shitidhar base 4900m
P113. Kaliheni pass 4820m
P114. Thamsar pass 4700m
P115. Dynasaur lake 4270m
P116. Sari pass 3750m
P117. Makora pass 4450m
P118. Sukh Dhali 4600m
P119. Dham Godi 4850m
P120. Jalsu pass 3450m

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