Trans Himachal 2018

Trans Himachal 2018

A 75 days ultra hiking journey during mid July to end Sep 2018 across 40 high altitude passes in Spiti, Zanskar, Pangi, Chamba, Kinnaur, Shimla and Kangra districts of Himachal Pradesh and J&K.

Alpine style (self-planned & navigated hiking route, self-supported carrying own shelter and food). Lightweight ultra hiking configuration (7kg). Refueling in between passes in small villages and traveling through HPRTC bus.

Those planning to hike some of these passes are suggested to familiarize themselves with topographic map reading and navigation through the navigation bootcamp online course.

More moments on my journey on Instagram

Shortfilm – Running the High Himalayas



Short summary on my 75 days alpine style journey across 40 passes over 1500km throughout Himachal and ZanksarLearn More

Crevassed Chobia glacier


The Journey

A recount of the 1500km alpine style journey across 40 high altitude passes through Himachal and Zanskar

Shortfilm – On a Himalayan High

Moraines below Chobia


Pass Summary

Comparative summary of the 40 passes crossedLearn More


Hiking Route

Overview maps detailing the 40+ sections traversed through the 2.5 months journeyLearn More

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Interview by Tarun Goel on my alpine-style trans Himalayan ultra journey.Learn More

Music in Heaven

Clean wash in Ladakh



Interview: March through the mountains: Peter Van Geit’s solo journey through 40 Himalayan passes on footRead More

Presentation Trans Himachal


Outdoor Journal

Field Notes: Solo Ultra-Running the High Himalaya. Peter Van Geit, wilderness explorer, ultra-runner, Founder of the Chennai Trekking Club, shares the field notes from his 1500 km alpine-style run across 40 high altitude passes the HimalayaRead More


The Himalayan Club

THC Sep 2019 newsletter. In July 2018 Peter Van Geit undertook a 1500 km 75 day journey across 40 high altitude passes in Himachal Pradesh. He ran Alpine style, self-navigated and with minimal gearRead More


Indian Mountaineering Foundation

IMF June 2019 Newsletter. Peter Van Geit gives a fascinating photo-illustrative account of his explorations in the remote regions of Himachal Pradesh. He trekked across 40 high altitude Passes.Learn More


Coffee Table Book

Tribal Landscapes in Himachal Pradesh. A photo journey through the thorn boots of Peter Van Geit and other photographers by Dr Chander.Learn More


In Motion

Index of 250 short videos shot on my OnePlus mobile capturing unique highlights and challenges during the 75 days journey

The Journey – 40 sections


01 Manali – Hampta Pass (4270) – Batal

The beautiful alpine meadows of the Hampa pass on the way from lush green Kullu to barren LahaulLearn More


02 Batal – Chandra Taal – Kunzum La (4590)

The serene Chandra Taal, high altitude crescent shaped lake on the way from Lahaul to SpitiLearn More


03 Kaza – Hikkim – Komic

Hiking towards worlds highest motorable monastery in SpitiLearn More


04 Dankhar – Demul – Pass (4770) – Komic

Climbing up through a steep gorge from picturesque Dankhar gompa to remote Demul villageLearn More


05 Komic – Langza – Pass (4511) – Tashigang

From Langza through a deep gorge to the village of TashigangLearn More


06 Kunzum La – Chandra Taal – Baralacha La (4890)

A 3 day hike from Chandra Taal across wild streams to Baralacha passLearn More


07 Gata Loops – Tsarap Valley

Exploring ghost villages in the remote unearthly Tsarap river valleyLearn More


07a Gotunta La (5100) – Nialo Konste La (4830) – Phugtal

The high altitude desert of interior Ladakh – ZanksarLearn More


08 Shade – Rotang La (4900) – Lar La (4670) – Padang La (5170) – Zangla

From the remote village of Shade deep into remote Zanskar mountainsLearn More


08a Padum – Pughatl Gompa – Tangze

Enchanting Pughtal gompa, steel blue Tsarap river and picturesque Zanskar valleyLearn More


09 Tangze – Phirtse La (5560) – Sarchu – Keylong

Crossing the high altitude Phirste La on the way from Zanskar to LahaulLearn More


10 Tindi – Darati Pass (4640) – Tindi

Picturesque alpine meadows dotted with flowers and sheep above Tindi village in Pangi valleyLearn More


11 Tindi – Killar – Hudan Batori – Tingloti Pass (4800) – Sural Bhatori

Visiting the remote Buddhist villages of Hudan and Sural BatoriLearn More


12 Saichu – Tuan – Unknown Jot (5260)

First (failed) attempt in crossing over from Saichu to Miyar valley in PangiLearn More


13 Rapay – Kugti Pass (5040) – Kugti

In the footsteps of the gaddi’s across the Kugti pass from Pangi to ChambaLearn More


14 Kugti – Dham Ghodi (4860) – Mani Mahesh

En route to Siva’s adobe Mani Mahesh Kailesh from beautiful alpine meadows near Kugti villageLearn More


15 Mani Mahesh – Sukh Dali (4650) – Upper Tiyari

Stunning vertical drops descending from Sukh Dali pass in green Chamba valleyLearn More


16 Upper Tiyari – Tundah – Chaurasi (4500) – Datuin

Heart warming hospitality of the local mountain tribes of ChambaLearn More


17 Teppa – Chaini Pass (4390) – Mindal

Across the ancient gateway between Chamba and PangiLearn More


17a Mindal – Saichu – Chasak Batori

Visiting the remote Buddhist hamlet of Chasak Batori in Saichu valleyLearn More


18 Tuan – Pratap Jot (5150) – Miyar Valley

Second (successful) attempt in crossing over from Saichu to Miyar valleyLearn More


19 Arat – Chobia Pass (4966) – Chobia

One of the tougher passes connecting Chamba and Pangi used by the shepherdsLearn More


20 Surai – Jalsu (3425) – Utrala

Along the pilgrim route from Barmour to Mani MaheshLearn More


21 Billing – Chhina Pass (2727) – Rajgundha

Into the beautiful Barot valley from the lower HimalayasLearn More


22 Rajgundha – Thamsar (4748) – Bara Bangal

A tougher pass from lower Himachal deep into the Chamba valley to remote Bara BangalLearn More


23 Bara Bangal – Kaliheni Pass (4837) – Sangchar

From deep inside Chamba to Kullu through the Kaliheni passLearn More


24 Rumsu – Chandrakhani (3660) – Malana

Touch me not! Into the scenic Parvati valley through the Chandrakhani passLearn More


25 Malana – Rashol (3270) – Kasol

Crossing the Rashol pass from Malana valley to the main Parvati valleyLearn More


26 Kasol – Sar Pass (4100) – Pulga

Best views on the Parvati valley and its surrounding high ranges are from this passLearn More


27 Manikaran – Pin Parvati (5300) – Mud

The hot springs of Kheerganga, the freshly fallen snow on the Parvati glaciersLearn More


28 Mud – Pin Babha (4865) – Kafnu

Crossing from the high altitude rock desert of Spiti to the fertile alpine meadows of KinnaurLearn More


29 Karcham – Sangla – Chitkul

Enchanted by the beautiful villages and temples in the Sangla valley of KinnaurLearn More


30 Sangla – Rupin (4650) – Dodra

From picturesque Sangla to Dodra across the beautiful falls of Rupin passLearn More


31 Janglik – Buran (4550) – Duling

From Shimla back to Kinnaur through the remote Buran passLearn More


32 Sarahan – Bashleo (3300) – Bathad

Into the Great Himalayan National Park from KinnaurLearn More


33 Bathad – Manjali – Palchan Gad (3500)

Exploring the Palchan Gad valley in the Great Himalayan National ParkLearn More


34 Manjali – Bashel Pass (3500) – Gushaini

Entering the Tirthan valley in Great Himachal National ParkLearn More


35 Himri – Himri Pass (3261) – Gramagh

Entering the Lug valley from Kully through the Himri PassLearn More


36 Samalang – Sari Pass (3735) – Kadaun

First (failed) attempt in scaling the Sari pass from Lug to Barot valleyLearn More


37 Kadaun – Bhuvu Pass (2761) – Lohardi

Crossing over from Lug valley to Barot valley through lower altitude Bhuvu passLearn More


38 Dharamkot – Indrahar Pass (4300) – Dhradka

(Failed) attempt in scaling the Indrahar Pass due to fresh snow fallLearn More


39 Kothikodh – Nohru Pass (3255) – Lohardi

Crossing an unused pass inside the Barot valleyLearn More


40 Lohardi – Sari Pass (3735) – Chalah

Crossing over from Barot to Lug valleys through the Sari passLearn More

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