TheAdventurousFew - The Himalayan Ultra-Runner

For many of us, a journey into the mountains is an occasional luxury – a welcome retreat into nature from an ever-insulated world. We get a fleeting glimpse into our true passion for the natural world before returning to the so called ‘real world’ once again. But there are an adventurous few with the determination and vision to build a life around that passion.

ExplorersWeb - Ultrarunning Across the Himalaya

Ultrarunner Peter Van Geit has just spent the entire summer fast-hiking in the Indian Himalaya. His 3,000km project covered a staggering 120 passes and 125,000m of elevation gain, at a pace three to four times quicker than the average hiker.

200 Forts in Two Months

The 3,000km Trans-Himalyan run that ultra-runner Peter Van Geit completed last summer was not enough for him. To finish 2019, he decided on an imaginative challenge that only someone very familiar with India would think of: climb 200 Shivaji forts along the length of the Western Ghats. He called his new project the Trans-Sahyadri


Crossing 40 Passes in 75 Days – Peter Van Geit’s ‘Ultra’ Love Affair with the Himalaya

Inspirational Beings - Be minimalist, live boundless !

Peter Van Geit is a founder of the Chennai Trekking Club, a 40-thousand-member volunteer-based culture active in outdoors, environment and social initiatives. He is a minimalist, wilderness Explorer, ultra-runner, mountain biker and open water swimmer.

The Hindu

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Mission Trans Sahyadri

Interviews with various media outlets in Maharastra on my mission to climb 200 forts across the Sahyadri

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Chennai Live - 104.8 FM interview with RJ Jane on my childhood days in Belgium, start of CTC and more.