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About me

Born and raised in Belgium, settled in India since 1998, I always had a strong affinity towards nature and sports. Founder of the Chennai Trekking Club (chennaitrekkers.org), a 40 thousand member volunteer based community active in outdoors, environment and social initiatives.

Wilderness explorer, ultra-runner, mountain biker, open water swimmer. I love to sweat it out and believe that life starts at the end of our comfort zone. This blog documents various "Ultra Journeys" through running, hiking, cycling to reconnect with untouched, beautiful nature in remote mountains


Wonder Often, Wander Always


Visual diary of my ultra journeys

Chennai Trekking Club

Founded in 2008, the Chennai Trekking Club is a non-profit volunteer based community for adventure loving outdoor souls


Rotary Kilpauk

For the sake of honour award

Chennai Floods

Receiving a token of appreciation for our Chennai flood relief and rescue efforts from The Maestro. This one goes to hundreds of our CTC volunteers who stood up for our city during the recent calamity

KSA Trust

Champions of Chennai Award

Adding Smiles

Accepting the Adding Smiles award from A.R. Rahman on behalf of the hundreds of CTC volunteers who were active in rescue, relief and rehab efforts.

Behind Woods

Director Parthiban Radhakrishnan and Actor Arya presenting a token of appreciation to the volunteers of CTC for their inspiring efforts in rescue and relief during the Chennai Floods

Champions of Chennai

Life Starts at the end of my Comfort Zone

Spirit of Chennai

"Spirit Of Chennai" Awards function held on 10th Jan where Chennai Trekking Club got recognized for its efforts in flood rescue and relief. Organized by Sundaram Finance at Mylapore Festival 2016

Running the High Himalayas

Short-film on my 75 days alpine style run across 40 high altitude passes in the Himalayas. Awarded best mountain exploration movie award by Indian Mountaineering Foundation

Vijay TV

Vijay TV's telecast of the selfless effort of Peter Van Geit and various other CTC volunteers, during the Chennai Floods. Both in rescue and post flood relief operations.

News, Interviews

The Himalayan Ultra-Runner

For many of us, a journey into the mountains is an occasional luxury – a welcome retreat into nature from an ever-insulated world. We get a fleeting glimpse into our true passion for the natural world before returning to the so called ‘real world’ once again. But there are an adventurous few with the determination and vision to build a life around that passion.

Travel Expense

Many are asking "How do you manage expenses?". Traveling (minimalist) is MUCH cheaper than living in a city. I hardly spent 200Rs a day. Once you are in the mountains or country side you cannot spend money

Ultrarunning Across the Himalaya

Explorersweb Magazine.

Ultrarunner Peter Van Geit has just spent the entire summer fast-hiking in the Indian Himalaya. His 3,000km project covered a staggering 120 passes and 125,000m of elevation gain, at a pace three to four times quicker than the average hiker.

Belgian trekker who fell in love with Sahyadri

Article on bolbhidu.com by Dnyaneshwar Gunjal @pahadi_doc

A passionate Belgian trekker who fell in love with Sahyadri and forts of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja

Living on the quote,"Life is too short to wake up at the same place everyday", a 45 years old Cisco company manager left his 'job with handsome salary'. Taking retirement money with him to spend on travel and left his house to 'live' his life !

Radio One Pune

Tune in tomorrow 9-10am to Radio One 94.3 FM for a lively chat with @mjtarun on my Trans Sahyadri journey! Thanks @rawpune_official for arranging the interview

Inspirational Beings

Peter Van Geit is a founder of the Chennai Trekking Club, a 40-thousand-member volunteer-based culture active in outdoors, environment and social initiatives. He is a minimalist, wilderness Explorer, ultra-runner, mountain biker and open water swimmer.

The Logical Indian

Meet Peter Van Geit, A Savior For Chennai From Belgium

Citizen Matters

A trek, a fire and rumour mills: Making sense of the Theni tragedy

The Week

Post Gaja, trekking club brings joy through relief operations

Building a Community

Chennai Trekking Club, Building a Community. Video Presentation on 10 years history of CTC, founding in 2008, growth and diversification over the years in the areas of outdoors, sports, environment and social initiatives.


A few days after we spoke to Peter Van Geit, we came across a video on the Internet. As person wielding the camera, his voice was audible in the background. Some of those we had met along with him were in the frame. The location was out at sea; it appeared to be a sea-swimming session

First Post

March through the mountains: Peter Van Geit's solo journey through 40 Himalayan passes on foot


Interview on Rescue and Relief efforts of Chennai Trekking Club

Deccan Chronicle

Runversation: India is now home

Crank with ProCycle

Thiru Peter Van Geit & The Chennai Trekkers Club (CTC)

Behind Woods

Namma Peter Pesuraru

The Better India

Every Year, 6,000 People Come Together to Clean Chennai’s Beaches, Thanks to This Group

Times of India

They ran 26 hours to Auroville, and then a 26 mile marathon, all to inspire others

Adyar Times

Passion to Explore

Deccan Chronicle

Man from Krypton in our midst

Big FM

Interview with 92.7 BIG FM on the annual Chennai Coastal Cleanup campaign creating awareness on impact of plastics on the eco system and our health and the need to reduce our garbage footprint!

Radio one

Tune in to Radio One tomorrow morning 9am to listen to Sulaba interviewing CTC on its rescue efforts during the initial days of the flooding


Interview with the MBA students from SRM University on leadership. Exciting bunch!

Chennai Live

Interview on trekking with RJ Paloma on Chennai Live 104.8FM

Radio One

#ChennaiCoastalCleanup Radio One 94.3 interview with Solaba on the Chennai Coastal Cleanup at Nugambakkam

Big FM

Interview with Big FM our radio partner for the Chennai Coastal Cleanup. Tune in 8-10am tomorrow Saturday morning to listen to the history, evolution and objective of mission CCC

Trek Polamaa 2018

Short Vietnamese broadcast at Trek Polama 2018


Dinamalar interview on CTC, my Himalayan journey and future trekking plans. Video will be posted on their YouTube channel

Pulicat School

This morning was an important landmark in CTC's history. One that is close to my heart. Laying of the foundation stone of a school to be build by CTC which will cater to 200+ children from 25 poor surrounding hamlets near Pulicat


The world of Indian Hiking/Climbing Fraternity was taken by storm last month when a Belgian National, residing in India for the last 20 years, pulled off a hitherto unknown superhuman feat by walking across unexplored (in literal sense) Himalayan Passes. To make his epic journey even more incredible, he did so by doing it purely in alpine style.

Radio One

Radio One interview with Sulaba on the #ChennaiCoastalCleanup - it's all about creating awareness on the environment, beaches, lakes, segregation, recycling, non use of plastics and more. Tune in..

Deccan Chronoicle

India is now home! Peter Van Geit loves to run. And that's how he has been exploring India for the last 18 years

Chennail Live

Chennai Live - 104.8 FM interview with RJ Jane on my childhood days in Belgium, start of CTC and more.

The Hindu

Colours Of Chennai: Of forests, streams and sloth bears

Chennai Trekking Club

300+ News Articles on Chennai Trekking Club

The Brew Magazine

A Step, A Stride and A Geit

The News Minute

Chennai Floods have passed, but this crew continues its clean up

Edex Live

#IstandwithPeter: Everything you need to know about the Belgian blamed for the Theni trek


TEDx Chennai 2010

How did CTC get started?

TEDx SRM Ramapuram

Journey of nature & waste

TEDx VIT Vellore

Journey into the Wild

TEDx IBA Bangalore

Life starts at the end of my comfort zone


Exploring India

TCS Chennai One

Talk at TCS Chennai One on the importance of physical activity and proximity to nature for mental and physical wellbeing in our modern day society.

TCS Siruseri

Awareness talk at TCS Siruseri on active and healthy lifestyle and the importance on spending time close to nature

TCS Chennai Two

Inspirational talk at TCS, Chennai Two IT Park Thoraipakkam (next to garbage dump ) on outdoors, sports, volunteering and environmental sustainability.

TCS Siruseri

Motivational talk at TCS Siruseri on the importance of an active lifestyle connected to nature for physical and mental wellbeing in today's modern day society and corporate work environment.


Around 300 employees attended our Chennai Coastal Cleanup awareness session learning the ill impacts of plastics on the environment and ocean ecosystem and a more sustainable way to manage our waste.


Inspirational talk at Microsoft, RMZ IT Park on the need to activate oneself through sports and reconnect with the great outdoors to reverse the negative health impact of our modern day urban lifestyle and corporate work environment

World Bank

Presentation at World Bank India on the need for an active lifestyle closer to nature for physical and spiritual wellbeing in our modern day stagnant lifestyle, unhealthy food and corporate work environment.


Good turn out for a talk on Environmental Sustainability at our very own CISCO office! Growing garbage footprint. Impact on mother nature. Eliminating use and throw plastics. Segregating wet/dry waste at home.


Guest Talk at Decathlon headquarters in Bangalore to inspire 150 India wide organisational leaders on how to build sports teams and communities driven by passion

Aspire Systems

Motivational talk with coach Y SrinivasaReddy Yeruva and ironman Thangadurai Duraisamy at Aspire Systems on running

The Himalayan Club

Had a wonderful time at the annual seminar of The Himalayan Club in Mumbai giving a talk on my alpine style journey across 40 passes in the Himalayas.

Ford Motors

Awareness talk at Ford Motors Company on Environmental Sustainabily, waste management, segregation, recycling and tree plantations

Anna University

Talk on Outdoors, Endurance, Volunteering and Connecting with Nature at the Rotaract club of School of Architecture and Planning of Anna University.


Reconnecting the Corporate world back to what they lost. Presentation at Influx, Chetpet on physical exercise, the great outdoors and volunteering spirit.


Awareness presentation at Barclays DLF IT Park on the Chennai Coastal Cleanup highlighting the need to reduce, segregate, recycle and compost our waste to reduce our impact on the environment. Barclays Shared Services, Chennai is joining with an estimated 1000 volunteers this Sunday June 19th for mission CCC/7.


KrishnaKumar Prabhu N Arun Prasath Sandhiya Rajaraman and myself giving a presentation on CTC's green initiatives at TCS Campus at Siruseri - environmental awareness, forest & beach cleanups, lake restoration, tree plantation, organic farming, snake and turtle walks.


Large turn out at ZIFO to learn about how each of us can play an active role in waste management and reduce the garbage trail we as consumers leave behind on our beautiful little planet.


Talk on Environmental Sustainability at Symantec DLF. All about the plastic virus, waste management, segregation, composting and recycling

Hewitt Aon Alight

Talk on 10 years of CTC outdoors, sports, environmental and social initiatives at Hewitt Aon Alight at Olympia Tech Park.

Great Lakes Institute

Awareness talk on benefits of running and fitness to MBA students at the Great Lakes Institute of Management to emphasise on the importance of a balanced active lifestyle while settling down in hectic corporate work culture in the concrete city.

Kendriaya Vidyalaya

Talk on the importance of an active lifestyle, reconnect to nature and social service at Kendriaya Vidyalaya school at IIT

Stella Maris

Team CCC talking Waste, Plastics, Segregation, Recycling, Composting, Sustainability at Stella Maris College, Chennai. Students are joining CTC this Sunday June 19th to clean our Chennai coastline and makin a plledge to avoid single use plastics!

Rotary Club of Kilpauk

Planting green seeds in mind of future citizens. Awareness talk on plastic to 300 students from 50 schools as part of environmental quiz organized by Rotary Kilpauk.

50 days running in Vietnam

Presentation / Talk on Experiences and Learnings of a 50 day / 2000km self supported solo run through the mountains of North Vietnam

75 days run in Himalayas

Presentation on my 75 days alpine style journey across 40 passes over 1500km throughout Himachal and Zanksar

International Trail Races

Sharing experiences and learnings from two recent international trail races, the Grand Raid de La Réunion (GRP) 220K / 12.000m D+ and Tor des Geants - Tot Dret 130K / 12.000m D+ follows a presentation on how to prepare for a European Trail Ultra

Christian High School Akkarai

Planting outdoor seeds in the young minds. Presentation on the Indian Himalayas in the advent Christian high school at Akkarai.

Ultra running in Himalayas

Good attendance for a talk on Ultra running and touring in the Himalayas at my home tonight

Latent View

For the first time in human history more people are living in cities than in rural environments. Instead of inhabiting wide open green spaces were are living in crowded concrete jungles. This urban migration has major impact on our mental and physical well being.

Anna University

Talk at Anna University as part of an Environmental Sciences program to create awareness among teachers and professors on environment and waste management.


Awareness talk at DELL Olympia Tech Park on environmental sustainability and the importance of physical activity close to nature for health and mental wellbeing. 


Talk at Symantec DLF IT Park on active and healthy lifestyle and spending healing time with nature. The need of the hour in our stressful and stagnant current day lifestyle in concrete cities and solution to many modern health issues.


Session on self supported hiking in the Himalayas in Last School at Auroville

Wolters Kluwer

Awareness session on Chennai Coastal Cleanup inWolters Kluwer at Ramanujan IT City. 250 employees learned about the environmental & health hazards of plastics and untreated waste and how to reduce our garbage footprint through segregation, recycling and composting.

Guindy College of Engineering

Session on environmental sustainability at industrial engineering department Guindy college of engineering

Frost & Sullivan

Get Out! Get Active! Get Healthy!

Session on sports, outdoors and volunteering at Frost & Sullivan, Greams Road


Large turn out at Hochtief for our awareness session on environmental impact of growing garbage footprint and how each one of us can play a part in a greener future


Awareness Session at Qualcomm on the Chennai Coastal Cleanupexplaining the impact of single use plastics on our environment and the need to reduce our garbage footprint through segregation, composting and recycling for a more sustainable future.


Inaugurating the National Social Service year 2016-17 as chief guest at the Madras Institute of Technology. Adressing 150 students and NSS volunteers on the importance of sports, nature, social service and sustainable living.


Activate, Connect, Volunteer

Importance of physical activeness, being close to nature and social service

Environmental Sustainability

Presentation on the impact of environmental degradation on our health and the importance of reducing our garbage footprint through recycling and composing


Small history on the Chennai Trekking Club and Chennai Coastal Cleanup and environmental impact of Chennai Floods

Chennai Trekking Club

History of a decade of Chennai Trekking Club, building a community, volunteering, leadership


Presentation on the history of running and the impact of physical activity on a healthy lifestyle

Cyclone Gaja Presentation

15 min overview presentation on the Delta Relief & Rehabilitation efforts of the Chennai Trekking Clubafter cyclone Gaja left a trail of destruction

International Trail Races

Presentation on planning and learnings from a few recent 100K and 100 miler international trail races

TEDx Chennai 2010

Presentation on the inception of an non-profit, volunteer based outdoor community in South India

Exposure, Awareness, Preservation

Presentation on the history of the Chennai Coastal Cleanup and environmental awareness in Chennai

Chennai Trekking Club

Overview on history and evolution of the Chennai Trekking Club over the years in outdoors, sports and environment

Go Green, Go Cycle

Presentation on the benefits of cycling on health and environment

Connecting through Nature

Overview on impact of outdoors and adventure on personal development and team building skills

Trekking Bootcamp

Presentation on map reading and navigation, understanding topography and how to find your way in the wild

Touring in Vietnam

Planning and preparation of a self-supported cycle tour through the mountains of Northwest Vietnam

Ultra Running in Himalayas

Planning and preparation of a self-supported ultra run through the Himalayas

Chennai Coastal Cleanup

Short history on the Chennai Trekking Club and overview of the Chennai Coastal Cleanup

Transforming People through Trekking

Impact of personal growth and social skills through outdoors

Touring in North

Planning, preparation and execution of cycle touring through the Himalayas

Journey into the Wild

TEDx talk at VIT Vellore on my affinity towards nature and evolution of the Chennai Trekking Club

Trans Himachal

Planning and preparation of a 75 days / 1500km alpine style run across 40 passes in the Himalayas

Touring in Srilanka

Planning and preparing cycle touring in Srilanka

Into the Wild

History on Chennai Trekking Club and its growth through the years on outdoors, sports, environmental and social activities

Vietnam Ultra 2000K

A 50 day self-supported solo run through the Northeaster mountains of Vietnam

Trans Himachal 2019

FB live recording of the 3 hour presentation on my 3000km alpine style journey across 120 high passes

Self Supported Journeys

Talk on alpine style journeys at the pre-race briefing of the SRT Ultra run 2019

Trans Sahyadri Alpine Style

Talk to the outdoor community in Pune on my alpine style, minimalist journey to climb 200 forts in the Sahyadri