Trans Himachal 2018 – 11 Tindi – Killar – Hudan Batori – Tingloti Pass (4800) – Sural Bhatori


Sural Valley

Colorful alpine meadows in the Sural valley in Pangi while climbing down from the Tinglotti pass (4800m)

Climbing up

Steep uphill climb through meadows and rocky ridges from Hudan Bhatori to the Tinglotti pass


Grazing Meadows

Native breeds from Chamba grazing the alpine meadows above Hudan Bhatori

Hudan Valley

Steep valley slopes on the way from Killar to Hudan Bhatori


Sural Bhatori

Budhist prayer flags on the homes at Sural Bhatori looking towards the Tinglotti pass to Hudan valley

Tingloti Pass

The Tinglotti Pass – gateway between Sural and Hudan valleys in Pangi


Sural Bhatori

Kids playing games on the flat roofs of the homes at Sural Bhatori. High above the ridge and Tinglotti pass which separates the Hudan and Sural valleys

Stream Crossings

Forceful stream currents due to increased melt water from the glaciers in the Sural valley


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